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Adventures in Ineptitude
2008-09-09 16:40
by Phil Bencomo

Both mine and the Cubs' of late, that is.

Starting with the former:

Chicago Cubs catcher Geovany Soto has been named the August recipient of the National League Rookie of the Month Award presented by Gillette.

In 24 games in August, Soto hit .355 (27-76) with 17 runs, five doubles, a triple, three home runs and 21 RBI. ... [link]

Again proving my late-2007 predictions markedly wrong about Soto.

In my defense, I must add that, prior to his breakout 2007 (his third season at Triple-A, mind), Soto had never posted better than a .750 OPS in any minor league season. I still say my doubts were justified.

But being wrong sure feels nice.

* * * *

Funny how losing seems so foreign after five months of greatness. If nothing else, the recent poor play is a bitter swig of reality. Are the Cubs infallible? No. But they're still a damned good team. It's time to right the ship, boys, and remind the league why you've got 86 wins.

* * * *

I've no idea if there's even the slightest interest in this, but I'm going to start 'em anyway, if only to keep me posting something every day during the season: Game threads.

Discuss to your heart's content.

Cubs at Cardinals, 7:15 p.m.

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