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2008-09-20 10:08
by Phil Bencomo

After one batter, the magical sheen melted away. There would be no repeat performance, perhaps not even a scoreless first frame.

After two, mortality (and reality with it, perhaps), with its infecting weaknesses in tow, reared its head, gnashed its teeth and bellowed to announce its presence.

And after three, it was clear as a clock tower's chime: an August pumpkin he was, and, after an unforgettable game, a pumpkin Carlos Zambrano became again.

* * * *

Many reasons, physical and psychological, have been bandied about as cause for Zambrano's horrific no-hitter followup. Fatigue, injury, pressure, distraction ... the list grows long. In one week, we've seen both the best and worst of Zambrano. The real Carlos stands somewhere in between, but in October toward which pole will he lean?

* * * *

The Cubs' options are myriad, but I'd give Carlos a few extra days of rest before his final regular season start, which should be time enough to work through his struggles and rest up for October. Extra rest did wonders Sunday, and could straighten Zambrano out again, if not to quite the same effect.

* * * *

The magic number sits at one. Ted Lilly's on the mound. Just clinch it, boys.

Cardinals at Cubs, 2:55 p.m.

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Checkout this game, it's free and on waveland.

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