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Cubs Trade for Gregg, Part with Wood
2008-11-13 16:35
by Phil Bencomo

From the Daily Herald:

The Cubs on Thursday acquired reliever/closer Kevin Gregg from the Florida Marlins in exchange for minor-league pitcher Jose Ceda in a deal that all but ensures Wood's roller-coaster 10-year run with the Cubs is over.

That and the fact the two sides couldn't agree on terms of a possible new contract.

"I think we all feel that Kerry is certainly deserving of a three- or four-year long-term contract," Cubs general manager Jim Hendry said. "He's certainly done everything this organization has asked.

"We're just in a situation, as Kerry fully understands, that that length a deal for the kind of salary he would command right now is not our first priority."

The Tribune adds that Hendry wisely offered a one-year deal, which was, given Tribune Co.'s financial woes and Wood's injury risk, the only reasonable way to bring Wood back. Wood wanted more security and, well, here we are.

Some Cubs bloggers, caught up in their emotions, are cursing Hendry and blatantly ignoring, even when directly challenged, Wood's long-term risks. I understand how they're feeling -- I love Wood, too -- but the Cubs made the right decision.

Best of luck, Kerry, and thanks for the memories.

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