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Wood Says Goodbye
2008-11-14 13:45
by Phil Bencomo

Kerry Wood, today:

While Wood was understanding about the Cubs' decision, which Hendry said was made in the best interests of Wood and his family, he did say he would've been amenable to staying and "would have done anything" to stay a Cub. The Cubs told him to go get a three- or four-year deal for more money, but Wood said he would've agreed to a one-year deal to stay.

"That was an avenue we kind of approached," he said. "But they've got some issues they've got to take care of, and at the end I wasn't as important as lot of other aspects of the team. (Carlos) Marmol, we all know what he's capable of doing… it is what it is."

If Hendry wouldn't even sign Wood to a one-year deal, then (a) Kerry was asking for too much, (b) the Cubs have serious doubts, even in the short-term, about Wood's health, and/or (c) Hendry is far too altruistic. A combination of (a) and (b) seems very plausible in light of Tribune Co.'s finances and Wood's inherent injury risk. With more important holes to fill and, I'm sure, limited funds, Hendry couldn't justify, however much he'd like to, spending even the minimum salary Wood was asking for.

I don't doubt that Hendry would have liked to resign Wood, but he is a luxury the team cannot afford. Carlos Marmol should do a fine job as the closer, and Kevin Gregg projects to nearly match Wood in 2009 -- without the injury risk. Wood will get a nice multi-year deal from someone, Hendry will upgrade elsewhere, and the Cubs, as a business and team, will be better for it.

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