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2004-03-28 10:15
by alex ciepley

Baseball Prospectus runs a regular column, called "The Week In Quotes", where they assemble the most notable quotables. The Cubs are regularly featured, thanks to the verbal feats of manager Dusty Baker, but I think it's worth sticking up the most notable Cubs quotes every week.

High School Curriculum

"Chemistry is very important. I remember a few years ago when I was with the Giants, a guy told me there was no such thing as chemistry. I said, 'Well, there is no such thing as chemistry when you don't have any.' But for those that have it, it means a lot."
Dusty Baker (Chicago Tribune - 3/22/04)

"Dusty and I give [chemistry] a lot of thought in the off-season. It's not just talent. We try to get as many guys as we can that we feel are winning-type players. As Dusty does such a marvelous job of blending the guys over a 162-game schedule, that's important."
Jim Hendry (Chicago Tribune - 3/22/04)


"Last year I was so far into the season, I think things were running their course where I wasn't just trying to get ready and alter things. I think I was in a groove with my mechanics and everything. This year, it's different because I never found a groove mechanically. We don't want to alter anything to cause any other problems anywhere else and I think that's the main concern."
Mark Prior, on his Achilles injury ( - 3/27/04)

"Throwing 100 doesn't hurt, but Kerry Wood has an excellent curveball, and he's throwing a slider. Mark Prior has the ability to locate the fastball, and he has a very good curveball. Carlos Zambrano throws hard but has tremendous movement. He doesn't have to use that many off-speed pitches because his fastball sinks so much, he gets a lot of ground balls or swings and misses. The velocity stands out, but these guys have other weapons."
Astros catcher Brad Ausmus, on the Cubs' rotation (New York Times - 3/28/04)

"On ESPN I saw [baseball analyst] Harold Reynolds didn't even know the Cubs had a closer. Didn't he say the Cubs are going to try a closer by committee? I don't get any recognition as it is, so I guess I shouldn't expect any. Whatever. The only thing that bothers me is that a lot of times, it always seems to be a question."
Joe Borowski, on his job security (Chicago Tribune - 3/28/04)

"I don't care about him."
Carlos Zambrano, after Barry Bonds launched a three-run homer off him. (Chicago Tribune - 3/23/04)

The Other Stuff

"Sergio could climb up the ladder. He's already high up the ladder. This guy has worked hard. If everybody worked as hard as he did in the spring, everybody would be in great, great shape."
Dusty Baker, on Sergio Mitre ( - 3/19/04)

"People tell me, 'We hate the Cubs, but we like you.' I can go in a bar and, I hope they're kidding, but they say, 'If you're not with the Sox, you've got to get out of here.' I did see quite a few fights in the stands. More people say, 'I don't care if you win any games, just beat the Sox every time.'"
Dusty Baker, on the Cubs-White Sox rivalry ( - 3/19/04)

"I use a smaller glove because sometimes you can get lazy with a first baseman's glove. You don't have to bend down as far (with the big glove). I use a smaller glove to make me more fundamentally sound. It's like a third baseman's glove. It just makes me use the correct technique."
Derrek Lee ( - 3/20/04)

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