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2004-04-12 07:33
by alex ciepley

Injuries and Velocities

"They said it was like shin splints as far as an injury. They didn't have any more specific answers except that it was inflammation around the bone. We didn't know if it was pain getting referred over there and it was pain where I was having discomfort and stiffness and achiness."
Mark Prior, on his elbow stiffness two weeks ago ( - 3/30/2004)

"If I don't feel I'm ready I'm not going to push it because I don't want to have to take another two weeks off after I try to make a comeback. When I do start, I want to be ready to take it through the end of the season and the playoffs."
Prior ( - 3/30/2004)

"I watched (the operation) a little bit, asked some questions and then I fell asleep. When I woke up I asked them how long was the surgery and they said '15 minutes.' I asked, 'Did you break a record?'"
Jose Macias, on his surgery ( - 3/28/2004)

"Three miles an hour lower? Geez. This is the first spring I haven't had to make the team. You're going out there without any adrenaline. You're just trying to get ready for the season. You're not going out there with the intensity of the season. Adrenaline counts a lot for me. I didn't know this was such a big issue. I could see if it was an issue if I was throwing 80 miles an hour. Three miles difference? That's a ... joke."
Joe Borowski, on his lower velocity this spring ( - 3/31/2004)


"It didn't jinx Michael Jordan and he was on it quite a bit. I'm not comparing myself to Michael Jordan by any means. My jinx was my elbow after I was on (the cover) the first time (in 1998). It wasn't by choice."
Kerry Wood, on appearing on a Sports Illustrated cover

"I feel like I should be throwing 125 to 130 pitches a game. If everything is going well and I get through nine, hopefully I'll be around 120. But there are days I'm up for the eighth inning and I've got something left in the tank and I'm already at 120 or 122, and I want to go back out there. I feel like I can throw 130 pitches, and I should be able to do that. I should be in good enough shape."
Wood (Chicago Tribune - 3/29/2004)

"It's a power grip as opposed to the grip I had before. Before, it was more of a finesse grip and I couldn't throw it as a finesse pitch. So I just switched the grip to make it easier as far as the mindset was concerned of throwing it where I don't have to slow it down and make it move and do all that stuff. I can throw it and the grip will give me the movement."
Wood, on his new changeup ( - 4/7/2004)


"To tell you the truth, I haven't been swinging at strikes lately. They haven't made mistakes yet. I have to continue to stay there and be patient. Somebody is going to make a mistake."
Sammy Sosa, a day before hitting 2 doubles and a homer ( - 4/7/2004)

"I'm hitting 40 and people are saying 2001 was the last time I hit 50. People were mad because I was hitting 40? I wish I could hit 40 the rest of my life."
Sosa (Chicago Tribune - 3/29/2004)

"I don't want to say he's my grandfather. He's more like an older brother."
Sosa, on 45-year old Braves first baseman Julio Franco ( - 4/10/2004)


"I know this is going to sound strange, but Dusty Baker didn't want to see that."
Announcer Joe Morgan, after Corey Patterson hit a home run. (ESPN broadcast - 4/5/2004)

"Walks are a necessary part of the game, especially if they're low-percentage pitches to hit. People put a lot of importance on walks. The part I really dislike are the strikeouts more than anything; then you don't have a chance to do anything. It's not the strikeouts, but when you strike out."
Dusty Baker (Daily Herald - 4/10/2004)

"We have an explosive offense. Sometimes it doesn't explode."
Dusty Baker ( - 4/11/2004)

The Other Stuff

"The sun will come up tomorrow, if it doesn't rain."
Andy Pratt, after walking two in a Cubs 5-2 loss ( - 4/10/2004)

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