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Prior on Mound
2004-04-14 15:27
by alex ciepley

For all the chicken littles out there, it is good to note that Mark Prior threw off a mound today for the first time in a while. Prior threw only 10 pitches, but felt things went well:

"Progress is that I at least had a release point where I had an idea of where the ball is going and the long toss felt pretty good. My arm strength is getting closer to where I would like it."
Prior is also weary of the constant speculation about the health of his arm:
"It'd be nice if everyone concentrated on physically what am I doing, am I out there throwing, not am I in New Jersey ringing a bell and then flying there and back, and getting Tommy John and throwing today. If that was the case it'd be the first in medical history."
Will Carroll feels similarly, but his thoughts are part of BP Premium, so you're going to have to subscribe to read 'em.

I had read reports earlier in the week saying that he was first scheduled to throw off a mound this coming weekend, so I consider this early mound work good news.

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