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Creamed Spinach, Two Orders
2004-04-28 08:22
by alex ciepley

Chad #@!^@! Tracy and the rest of the D'back crew struck again last night, blowing out the Cubs for the second night in a row. Final score, 10-1. Tracy made another sweet defensive play in the first, hit the first bomb of his major league career, and has worn out his welcome with this Cubbie fan.

Heading to a Yanks-A's game in the Bronx tonight with a large group of NYC-based bloggers, including Yankee boosters Alex Belth, Jay Jaffe, and Cliff Corcoran. I'm no fan of the home team, so am bracing myself for an evening filled with things obnoxious, objectionable, and odious, and will do little to hide the smirk on my face when Mulder shuts down the Bombers. Oh, and I'll be scoreboard watching once again.

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