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Pirates (23-27) at Cubs (27-25)
2004-06-04 07:29
by alex ciepley

Enough with the Pirates, already, dontcha think? There are worse teams that you can face with such regularity when you're a bit in the dumps like the current Cubs are, but I imagine the team is still reeling from last weekend's drubbings. I'm actually considering referring to them as the Pie-rah-tees this weekend, but that has everything to do with my initiation into a Yoga-ish exercise, and nothing to do with the actual subject at hand.

Of course, a Mark Prior appearance fits with the Pirates like nude bicyclists go with the Netherlands. Prior started the first two games of his career against Pittsburgh, recorded his first career victory against them, and the Pirates are the last team he's faced in a regular season game. He's been their Big Unit, their Atilla the Hun, their David Tidmarsh. Prior holds a lifetime 5-0 record against the Swashies, with a nifty 2.30 ERA and 55/10 K-to-BB ratio.

Break a leg, cheers to you, good luck, Mark. Nice to see you back.

2:20 PM, WGN
Josh Fogg (3-4, 6.90 ERA, 28 K/20 BB) vs. Mark Prior (no record)

12:05 PM, WGN
Kris Benson (4-4, 5.64, 41/27) vs. Carlos Zambrano (5-2, 2.41, 63/20)

1:20 PM, WGN
Ryan Vogelsong (1-5, 8.08, 44/29) vs. Greg Maddux (RH 4-4, 4.41, 47/15)

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