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Cubs (39-30, 2nd, -2.0) at Cards (41-28, 1st, +2.0)
2004-06-22 06:31
by alex ciepley

Three more between Chicago and St. Louis, with Chicago leading the current season series 6-5. Pujols is back for this series after missing the last series between the two teams, but then again Grudz and Sosa will be playing as well. We've seen the Maddux-Marquis matchup before, but in looking up the numbers I was struck by how similar Maddux and Carpenter's years are. In addition to the similar K/BB numbers and ERA, both pitchers have allowed 15 homers so far this season.

7:10 PM, FSN
Greg Maddux (6-5, 3.91 ERA, 64 K/15 BB) vs. Jason Marquis (6-4, 4.26, 53/29)

6:05 PM, FSN
Glendon Rusch (4-1, 3.68, 37/14) vs. Jeff Suppan (6-5, 3.65, 41/20)

7:10 PM, WGN
Matt Clement (7-5, 3.07, 98/29) vs. Chris Carpenter (7-2, 3.95, 66/18)

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