Baseball Toaster Cub Town
2004-06-28 06:04
by alex ciepley

Well, those White Sox fans are probably pretty happy. The Sox took two of three from the Cubs over the weekend, home-running the Cubs starters out of the games. Both Zambrano on Saturday and Maddux on Sunday had trouble with location, and both pitchers got whupped for it. Zambrano's pain came lumped in one inning, with a pair of home runs scoring five runs in the third. Zambrano threw a ton of pitches, and left after six.

Maddux's outing was more of a slow death, allowing runs in five straight innings. Singles here, a homer here, and Greg was down and out quickly. If Cubs fans are looking for a silver lining, at least Sosa is showing some pop in his bat. Dave van Dyck has a column in the Trib in which he outlines the mistakes he thinks Baker made in yesterday's game, versus the good calls by Guillen. It's an interesting idea for a column, though there are a few mountains out of molehills in the mix; describing Guillen's trip to the mound after Loiza had given up some big hits early, van Dyck says Guillen has "a golden touch." Don't coaches and manager usually visit the mound when a pitcher is struggling?

White Sox fans have another reason to feel pretty happy, at least to feel good about the now. The Sox grabbed Freddy Garcia from the Mariners, though the price was pretty high: Miguel Olivo is having a decent year, and is young enough to still improve, but the real prize for the Mariners is outfielder Jeremy Reed, who generated a lot of chatter over at Baseball Prospectus this past offseason. If Reed turns into the type of player that Prospectus's PECOTA system thinks he might, then Seattle will have done extremely well for itself.

In other news, Remlinger is back on the DL, and the Cardinals refuse to lose, pushing the Cubs to five games out. While the Cubs managed only one win against the White Sox, the Cardinals feasted on Royal scraps, and now hold a commanding early lead over the Cubs in the division.

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