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Moved On Up, Cubs Drop Two
2004-07-07 08:47
by alex ciepley

I've moved into my new place, kinda sorta. My bed has sheets on it, my spices are in the rack, but I still have to wade through boxes to get from the TV to the bathroom. And my cable modem doesn't really work, blinking a steady, angry pulse of green at me, connecting only -- and only briefly -- during the five minutes I happen to be on the phone with the support people. Like a bad joke. Thanks, Time Warner. Not only does Roadrunner work about as well as Roadkill, but you refuse to transfer my MLB Extra Innings package to my new account. Thanks!

On top of the move, I actually spent the weekend in rural Vermont, not that there is really any other type of Vermont. I had no TV, no Internet, no newspapers, and had no idea what was happening in the Cubs-White Sox series. As seems to be typical of my travels in the Northeast, however, the Cubs won every game while I was away; last year, they won all of their NLCS games while I was vacationing in Maine, losing while home in NYC. Likewise, I come home and bam! Cubs lose two in a row, to the not-nearly-as-embarrasing-as-last-year Brewers. Not that I've been able to watch the games on TV. Time Warner, Thanks!

Matt Clement must be frustrated after Monday's loss. He's now given up a total of six earned runs in his last five games (1.71 ERA) and has an 0-3 record to show for it. Mark Prior, on the other hand, has yet to really establish a groove for himself, and has now walked an uncharacteristic 9 batters in his last 16.3 innings. I'm not worried about Prior, though. He'll get his command back, and he's still striking 'em out at a great rate (10 strikeouts per 9 innings).

I know that my Cubs win when I travel to New England, but do they win on my birthday? I'll put the theory to test yet again today. Some history:

1975 PIT 0-5 L
1976 SDN 10-0 W
1977 SLN 2-0 W
1978 NYN 9-7 W
1979 HOU 6-0 W
1980 -no game-
1981 -no game-
1982 HOU 1-5 L
1983 -no game-
1984 SFN 2-4 L
1985 SFN 6-5 W
1986 -no game-
1987 SDN 7-5 W
1988 -no game-
1989 LAN 6-4 W
1990 SFN 9-10 L
1991 STL 7-8 L
1992 CIN 2-3 L
1993 CIN 3-4 L
1994 HOU 3-9 L
1995 PHI 8-2 W
1996 CIN 7-6 W
1997 -no game-
1998 -no game-
1999 PIT 1-4 L
2000 CHA 2-4 L
2001 DET 10-6 W
2002 ATL 0-2 L
2003 FLN 6-3 W
TOTAL W/L: 11-11
Eh. So the Cubs are .500 on my birthday. They did quite well while I was a toddler, but those early 90s sure sucked. This pattern seems similar to how it goes when you see your team live for the first few times; I think the Cubs won the first five or so games I attended in person -- I was their lucky charm!--, though they now lose with regularity when I go.

So I dunno what this means for today's game, other than that if I really wanted to make sure that the Cubs won today, I'd hop on a bus for New Hampshire or its neighboring states. Heck, maybe I could even get my cable modem to work up there...

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