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Cubs (46-38, -6) at Cards (52-32, +0)
2004-07-09 07:40
by alex ciepley

Pretty important series here (which of course you could say about almost any series) but a series against the guys you're six back of in the standings takes on some extra importance. A Cards sweep (no!) would leave the Cubs virtually out of reach of the division crown, though the Wild Card would still be a goal. How did this happen, and seemingly happen so quickly? According to most pythagoreanesque ranking systems, the Cubs have actually been underperforming their "expected record" all season, and should be about tied with the Cards. But six games back? A tough mountain to climb.

Kerry Wood is expected to be the starter in Sunday's game, or else it may be Mark Prior.

Friday, July 9
7:05 PM, WGN
Greg Maddux (7-6, 4.43 ERA, 73 K/18 BB) vs. Jason Marquis (8-4, 4.10, 71/33)

Saturday, July 10
12:20 PM
Matt Clement (7-7, 2.83, 118/41) vs. Jeff Suppan (7-5, 3.35, 60/28)

Sunday, July 11
7:05 PM, ESPN
TBA (Kerry Wood, likely) vs. Chris Carpenter (9-3, 3.50, 88/22)

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