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The Lineup
2004-07-11 16:23
by alex ciepley

I finally got my wireless connection set up and working in my apartment at 4am this morning, but I still haven't gotten my Extra Innings package worked out. But since tonight's game (in 40 minutes!) is on ESPN, I'll be in attendance from the friendly confines of my itty-bitty studio.

Christian covered the offensive funkery and frustrations of the past five games below, and I'm sad to say that his fears of a Macias-Ordonez spectacular will be realized, though it is Brendan Harris and not Alou who gets the bench. The Cubs not only need Wood to pitch well tonight, but they also need his bat; he might be a better hitter than tonight's left-side of the infield...

1 Jose Macias, 3B
2 Mark Grudzielanek, 2B
3 Corey Patterson, CF
4 Sammy Sosa, RF
5 Moises Alou, LF
6 Derrek Lee, 1B
7 Michael Barrett, C
8 Rey Ordonez, SS
9 Kerry Wood, P

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