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2004-07-12 12:43
by alex ciepley

After a several week haitus, quotes from your Cubs are back.


"It was pretty tough. I was in extended spring training in Arizona and I faced a lot of young kids and fastballs. Then you get to Triple-A and you see a variety of breaking balls and different stuff. It took me about three weeks to get acclimated to that before I really became comfortable and had my legs under me."
Brendan Harris (Daily Southtown 7/4/04)

"It didn't start very well. Felt like a plus-one, like I was playing hockey. I took one away and I knocked one in. Tough start, but that's all right. After I got a hit, I calmed down a lot."
Harris, after a key error in his debut (Chicago Tribune, 7/6/04)


"You can't hide people. That ball will find you. I'm about defense. It's high on my list. I like offense, but you lose more games on defense. I don't like moving guys out of position on defense."
Dusty Baker, on moving Todd Walker to third (Daily Southtown 7/4/04)

"It's about defense. Defense is high on my list. People ask me about moving Grudzielanek to shortstop. You just don't move to short."
Baker (, 7/3/04)


"It was during the game and I thought, 'It's been a year [since his injury].' I didn't know or pay attention to it. It happened last year and I'm back this year playing and things are going great so far. I'll continue to work hard and hopefully injuries won't come up."
Corey Patterson (, 7/11/04)

"The doctors were surprised at how far I've come along. It feels like a long process, but I'm feeling progress, and that's encouraging."
Joe Borowski, on his injury status (Daily Southtown, 7/5/04)

"I saw it, but I didn't move in time. If it had hit Alou, it wouldn't have hit me. Better me than Mo."
Baker, after a Jose Macias foul ball drilled him (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/6/04)

"I tell you, that ball hurts. I tell my wife and son never to take your eye off the ball when you come to the ballpark."
Baker (, 7/6/04)


"This is probably the one I'm most proud about, because I got picked by players and coaches."
Moises Alou (Daily Southtown, 7/5/04)

"That would have been great for him because he would have been on the map. The toughest one to make is the first one, then you become a household name."
Baker, on Aramis Ramirez falling short in All-Star voting (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/8/04)


"It was a bad three days here."
Baker, after a 3-game sweep (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal, 7/8/04)

"Nobody's been to my locker to talk to me in a month, so no talking today."
Rey Ordonez, on refusing to talk to the media after a big home run (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/4/04)

"I told him it was bad wood. Actually, it was a very good bat."
Ryan Dempster, after breaking Kerry Wood's bat in a AAA game (Des Moines Register, 7/8/04)

"Mike Remlinger put a ball underneath some water and said, 'Here's your game ball.'"
Michael Wuertz, after picking up a save in a rain-shortened game (, 7/4/04)

"The sun's going to come up tomorrow for most of us."
Baker (Daily Southtown, 7/11/04)

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