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Cubs at Phils
2004-07-23 13:22
by alex ciepley

I considered the commute to Philadelphia for these games, but alas, I haven't the time! The Cubs throw out Wood, Zambrano, and Prior at the Phils, which is a pretty awesome threesome, not that there's been anything wrong with Maddux or Clement recently. Prior may or may not make his Sunday start, based on his side session today, and Zambrano may or may not make his start tomorrow depending on whether or not he appeals his suspension.

Moises Alou is apparently pissed off at reading on The Cub Reporter that what the Cubs "really need in left is a left-handed on-base machine" and has now spent the past seven games going off to the line 435/552/1130, with 5 homeruns and 6 walks in only 29 plate appearances.

Maybe if I start to deride Mark Prior or something he'll stay healthy the rest of the year and throw 3 consecutive no-hitters.

6:05 PM
Kerry Wood (4-3, 2.59, 65 K/19 BB) vs. Brett Myers (5-7, 5.74, 63/32)

2:15 PM
Carlos Zambrano (9-5, 2.81, 112/50) vs. Paul Abbott (0-4, 4.89, 42/45)

12:35 PM, WGN
Mark Prior (2-2, 4.06, 41/18) vs. Eric Milton (11-2, 4.58, 86/45)

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