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Padres at Cubs
2004-08-10 07:02
by alex ciepley

Who knew this would be such a big series? The Padres come into Wrigley having let the Cubs slip by them in the Wild Card chase. The Cubs swept at San Diego earlier in the year, and have favorable matchups in the first two games of the series (Hitchcock is starting just his second game of the year). Matt Clement, of course, gets the short straw in Peavy, who has turned into one of the league's best pitchers this year.

7:05 pm ET, FSN
Adam Eaton (6-10, 4.90 ERA, 95 K/34 BB) vs. Mark Prior (3-2, 4.17, 62/22)

7:05 pm ET, FSN
Sterling Hitchcock (0-0, 4.50, 2/2) vs. Carlos Zambrano (10-6, 2.92, 131/57)

1:20 pm ET, WGN
Jake Peavy (8-3, 2.16, 92/34) vs. Matt Clement (8-11, 3.29, 152/56)

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