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Game Three
2004-08-12 09:30
by alex ciepley

There are these ads up on the New York City subway lines for a dermatologist who goes by the name "Dr. Z". The ads are ugly, and the before-after shots are pretty humorous (in one photo it doesn't look like Dr. Z helped the person's skin as much as changed their gender), but just the name "Dr. Z" always makes me think of Zambrano. It would be a fitting nickname for him, especially considering the great performance he gave last night.

I don't have any more time at the moment to write up my thoughts on yesterday's game, but I wanted to stick up a quick note so people can comment on this afternoon's series wrap. It sure would be nice to enter a series with the red-hot Dodgers with a three-game lead in the Wild Card race, as opposed to the slim margin of one.

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