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Dodgers at Cubs
2004-08-13 12:16
by alex ciepley

"You don't like it to happen. On the field I had [Garciaparra] coming across the bag. I came in here and looked at the replay. I wanted to know if I had it right. I don't know what it was. He absolutely got me."
- Bruce Froemming

Thanks a lot, Brucie. I'm pretty tempted to run out a string of references to Austin Power with Fat Bastard jokes, but I'll refrain. It was a typical day for Matt Clement, who escaped without giving up a run despite pitching rather poorly. The bullpen blows it, the umpire blows it, and the Cubs lose yet another of Mattie's outings. It just makes a man sick.

Dodgers, red-hot pokers, steamin' steamrollers, cayenne peppers, are in town. Look at those lines for Jose Lima and Mark Prior and tell me we don't live in a weird, weird world.

2:20 PM, FSN
Odalis Perez (5-4, 2.92 ERA, 85 K/30 BB) vs. Greg Maddux (11-7, 3.99, 98/24)

12:20 PM
Kazuhisa Ishii (11-5, 4.76, 62/73) vs. Kerry Wood (6-5, 3.20, 87/31)

1:20 PM, WGN
Jose Lima (11-3, 3.89, 62/26) vs. Mark Prior (3-3, 5.05, 65/27)

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