Baseball Toaster Cub Town
2004-09-08 10:55
by alex ciepley

A painful one-run loss to witness last night. The wind giveth, and last night the Wrigley wind takethed away. Derrek Lee hit a bomb that would normally have ended the game but for a gale that kept the ball at the warning track; an inning later a series of dribblers, bunts, and sacrifice flies put Montreal up for good.

It's one of the drawbacks of having an offense heavily dependent on the home run -- when you're facing something that helps minimize that part of the game (be it a wind or a groundball pitcher), runs are a bit harder to come by. The Cubs were lucky to get six runs in last night's game, half of them due to a series of follies by the Expos in a comic fourth inning.

Greg Maddux goes tonight against former Cubbie prospect Scott Downs, who is 2-5 with a beautiful 7.22 ERA. Will the Cubs make another scrub look like Cy Young? Will the wind play nasty tricksies on game-winning home run balls? Will Alex throw Chinese food containers at the TV if the Astros pass the Cubs in the Wild Card race? Stay tuned...

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