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How you lose games
2004-09-10 14:05
by alex ciepley

* 18 innings pitched, 5 errors

* 5 unearned runs allowed, though really 7 (due to mysterious non-error call on Patterson-Sosa dropped fly ball)

* 18 innings at the plate, 0 runs scored

* hit into 4 double plays, 2 of the lined-into variety

* 1 walk drawn

* 62 PA, only 225 pitches seen.

* 12 1st pitch outs (which actually accounted for 14 outs, due to two Garciaparra double plays)

When you drop balls, throw to the wrong base, make horrible baserunning mistakes, waste at-bats by refusing to look for a good pitch to hit, and generally look like the 2003 Tigers, you deserve to get booed out of the stadium.

Dusty Baker, when he took over the club, commented that when he was with the Giants you just waited for the Cubs to beat themselves. Dusty, it doesn't look like you and your coaching staff have done an awful lot to change that here, does it?

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