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2005-03-10 18:22
by Derek Smart

Thanks to the Swedish Chef, we now have RSS feeds. If you want to add Cub Town to your reader, here's the feed URL:

This will be on the sidebar tomorrow, but just thought some of you might want the heads up now.

If you want feeds for any of the other fine blogs here on Baseball Toaster, head on over to Fairpole, where the Swedish Chef has them all laid out for you.

2005-03-10 20:50:47
1.   Cubdom Byron
Derek, Alex

Any chance you guys will submit your site to sportsblogs for my tracking pleasure?


2005-03-11 05:09:27
2.   Derek Smart
Thanks for the reminder, Byron. I'd completely forgotten about doing that. It's submitted, and should be up shortly.

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