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2005-03-10 19:49
by Derek Smart

If there's anything we can label a head-to-head skirmish this spring, it's David Kelton vs. Jason Dubois. Not exactly The Rumble in the Jungle (The Slam in Ho Ho Kam?), but it's what we've got. Of course, there really shouldn't be a question here, as Dubois is the superior player, but with Kelton out of options, it looks like the Cubs are going to give him every chance to win a spot with the big club so they don't have to expose him to waivers.

So, where does the conflict stand after this afternoon's game?


If nothing else, this is illustrative of why you should ignore rate stats with such small sample sizes. Turn two of Kelton's failed at bats into dingers, and he's hitting .333/.917, and you don't need me to tell you he won't do that over 50, 100, or 500 at bats, just like you don't need me to tell you that Dubois won't hit .385/.846 over any length of time.

What this does tell us, though, is that if anyone in Mesa has brought their brain with them, Kelton needs to start turning it on to have a shot at that 25th man job. I can't bring myself to root against him, though, despite not thinking he deserves the job (he's still a Cub, even if he's of the species Ursus Iowus), so I'll just have to root for Mr. Dubois to keep the bar raised high.

2005-03-11 03:03:38
1.   Kinanik
Don't we owe someone a PTBNL?

This situation could be easily remedied.

2005-03-11 09:44:52
2.   Stevens
I thought we owed a couple folks a PTBNL. Arizona for...who...Randolph? And someone else, no?
2005-03-11 09:50:21
3.   10man
"Don't we owe someone a PTBNL?"

Let's send Macias as the PTBNL and keep both Dubois AND Kelton. See? No controversy. With Neifi, Kelton and Hairston on the bench, Jose Macias has zero value to the team.

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