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Mixed Bag
2005-03-16 13:45
by Derek Smart

I hate to breathlessly follow the ongoing saga of our boys, Wood and Prior - an epic I can only think to call Arm-ageddon - but I find myself unable to resist. Here's the latest from Larry Rothschild on today's side work:

On Wood:

Basically, there were no problems at all and he felt good....I thought he did as much as you'd expect him to do and probably a little more.

On Prior:

There's still a little discomfort there...It's considerably better, which is basically what we expected. We'll let the medication keep working...We'll let that take its course and keep monitoring it and see where we go once he's gotten all the medication in him.

The report on Kerry sounds very positive, and it seems like he's on track, but it looks like they're going to shut Prior down for the next two days to let him complete his course of meds.

I know there's still a lot of time, and the good news from way back is that The Franchise has experienced no actual damage to his elbow or component parts, but every time I hear news that isn't entirely positive about his situation I start thinking of Radiohead's Paranoid Android:

The panic, the vomit
The panic, the vomit

Maybe I need to start keeping a bucket next to my desk.

2005-03-16 18:18:42
1.   righteousdude
Make Prior or Wood the Cubs closer until both of them feel healthy enough to throw 100 pitchs a game. Mitre, Guzman, or Dempster can fill in as the 5th starter for the few months.

Also, I enjoyed the Cub Reporter, but it's becoming slightly annoying to have to read more than one Cub blog a day. Plus I'm not sure if I like the new guys at the Cubs Reporter all that much.

2005-03-17 01:41:45
2.   10man
I know what you mean righteous. It eats up a good deal of time just reading through everything. That's why I promised myself if I ever did a Cubs blog it would be mostly pics and very few words. I think I've been able to do that fairly well with the one I have now.

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