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Fistfull of Deuces
2005-03-18 06:56
by Derek Smart

It looks like Andy Sisco is mortal after all. Yesterday he got tagged for his first runs of the spring, giving up two of them on two hits, two walks, and despite his apparent struggles in his inning of work, two strikeouts. His line for the spring now looks like this


That's still awfully nice, small sample size caveats and all, and it's especially galling when one considers that the Cubs aren't exactly awash in good left-handed bullpen options.

Not that they would have been likely to use Sisco in that capacity had he been protected on the roster, but you have to believe that if he was at least given the opportunity to pitch in Cubs' camp that he might get some consideration, especially with the way the other options have performed thus far.

2005-03-18 08:28:29
1.   scareduck
I have a response up:

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