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Is A Puzzlement!
2005-03-25 08:10
by Derek Smart

I probably shouldn't go looking for trouble like this, but sometimes my wicked side gets ahold of me, so I'm going to point out this quote from Dusty Baker, buried in a piece in today's Daily Herald:

We know what he can do. A veteran guy, you go on more what hes done in the past, what he did last year...

Dusty's talking about Glendon Rusch, and why he told him not to worry about his poor spring performance leading up to his fine outing yesterday. Really, Baker was talking about how a few innings in Arizona don't mean much when compared to the weight of career accomplishments, and he's absolutely right. But then my question is, why isn't this standard applied to the roster in general?

It's a bit tiresome to continue beating the dead horse of the lackluster Cub bench, but in a sick way, I'm bothered less by the fact of some players' existence than I am by the intellectual inconsistency that their existence implies. Either a player's past performance counts for something or it doesn't, and when you say that it does, yet assemble the motley pine crew the Cubs have, then I think an explanation is owed.

2005-03-25 08:51:15
1.   Bleeding Blue
Certainly the bench speaks for itself, although it does in a sick way show just how much Dusty LIKES guys like Macias. In his twisted mind he thinks they've actual shown some value year after year.

But the bigger question for me is, specifically regarding Rusch, if Dusty is basing he decisions on more than just the spring, why on earth is Ryan Dempster the 5th starter?

2005-03-25 08:57:34
2.   Bleeding Blue
Wow, I butchered that post.

he thinks they've ACTUALLY shown some value

If Dusty is basing HIS decision

I really should start using the preview feature on here.

2005-03-25 09:53:46
3.   Doug
Speaking of Macias, check out this tidbit I caught from an article on the Cub's MLB site:

Extra bases: Jose Macias is the Cubs' emergency catcher if something happens to Michael Barrett or Henry Blanco. The Cubs wanted Macias to catch in a simulated game on a back field this spring, but he's been bothered by a sore hamstring.

I think I speak for us all when I wish Michael and Hank, er Henry, a healthy season.

2005-03-25 10:19:44
4.   Bleeding Blue
Macias was the "emergency catcher" last year too. The only case where this might even come up is if Blanco gets injured after Barrett has come out of a game. If either of them will be out for any significant time Hendry would either pick up someone or call up Soto.

Even in an emergency I think I'd rather see Neifi or Hairston get thrown back there - based soley on Macias's complete and total inability to play defense at the 7 other position on the diamond.

2005-03-25 14:31:50
5.   Alex Ciepley
Actually, I might encourage Macias to go behind the plate... especially if Pete Rose is barrelling home from third.

And I don't understand the Dempster move at all, either. It's a strange world.

2005-03-26 01:58:55
6.   Kinanik
I vote Borowski for third catcher. Doesn't he just seem like a catcher type?

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