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2005-03-26 05:19
by Alex Ciepley

It's the Cub Town premiere of Cubs Quotes!

Tiresome Spring Training refrain

"[The MRI] showed a little bursitis in the back of his shoulder, some mild inflammation along some of the cuff muscles, but nothing significant."
Mark O'Neal, on Kerry Wood (, 3/10/05)

"It's just a nerve that got inflamed. As soon as we get it calmed down, I'll be fine."
Mark Prior (, 3/14/05)

"He didn't sleep well. His back is real tight so we decided not to take a chance. It's not his arm, it's his back, which he has trouble with every once in a while."
Dusty Baker, on Kerry Wood (, 3/23/05)

"It's just mild discomfort, nothing I can't work through now."
Prior (Tribune, 3/21/05)

"I don't know how many more of these I can take, to tell you the truth... I've worked so hard to get back. I'm just going to take this as another bump in the road."
Joe Borowski, on his injury (, 3/22/05)

"It's like Groundhog Day. It is. It's mind-boggling."
LaTroy Hawkins, on the injuries (, 3/22/05)

Pentland on Sosa

"I never saw Sammy get that much bigger. He was about the same [size] every year.... I believe exactly what he said. I don't doubt him at all."
Jeff Pentland (Tribune, 3/23/05)

"[Sosa] might have been the hardest worker I've ever had, actually. His body, he had tremendous flexibility, not just strength. He was never hurt. He played every game. Those things tell me he wasn't on steroids, from what I hear."
Pentland (Tribune, 3/23/05)

"I knew there were probably some people on stuff, [but] I never ever get involved in that kind of stuff."
Pentland (Tribune, 3/23/05)

Why not try that all the time?

"I focus a little more when I have men in scoring position. That's what I get paid for."
Aramis Ramirez 3/18/05

"Everybody's thinking home run or whatever, but the truth is with runners on second and third and two outs, those guys may not be thinking three-run homer. They're thinking double in the right-center gap and they'll take their hit, as opposed to trying to do too much. They're smart."
Calvin Murray 3/21/05

Could you repeat that?

"You know what the problems are. Now you have to deal with solutions. You can go on with the problems as long as you want to; it doesn't make it any better. You have to dwell on the solutions, versus the problems."
Baker 3/22/05

"Potentially, they could be like Pedro and Schilling, or Schilling and Johnson. But look how long it took Schilling and Johnson to become Schilling and Johnson."
Baker, on Prior and Wood. 3/23/05

"He just has to play. There are certain things that come from playing. You get experience with playing -- you learn the game, you learn yourself."
Baker, on Jason Dubois 3/22/05

The rest

"You know, it's funny. The other day I was pitching against the Cubs. Chris Speier was coaching third. Gary Matthews was coaching first. And when I was coming off the mound I see (Ryne) Sandberg, sitting in the dugout as a bench coach. I used to play with all those guys."
Jamie Moyer Arizona Republic 3/23/05

"Seeing him play all those years and seeing the type of body language he emitted on TV, I thought he'd be cocky. He was the greatest person ever. Every day he's happy. He's also a sensitive person. I joked around with him, and said, 'You're a sensitive teddy bear.'"
Geovany Soto, on Glenallen Hill 3/25/05

"[Greg Maddux] told me one time that I'm going to take his spot. So that's made me happy. It's pretty good for a young guy like me when Greg Maddux tells me that."
Angel Guzman. Sun-Times 3/24/05

"[D]on't plan on being amazed. I'm not really that type of guy."
Jeromy Burnitz, on expectations Newsday 3/22/05

2005-03-28 00:20:15
1.   Graham
"I think I'm about 4-0 in simulated starts the last two, three years," Prior said in an interview on WGN Radio Sunday. ( 3/27/05)
2005-03-28 12:10:04
2.   Weeks T Olive
"He just has to play. There are certain things that come from playing. You get experience with playing -- you learn the game, you learn yourself."
-Baker, on Jason Dubois 3/22/05
The cynic in me says that is Dusty's way of saying he wants to see Dubois in AAA.
2005-03-29 07:26:21
3.   Alex Ciepley
Graham, that's a most excellent addition.

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