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The Return of Dave Groeschner
2005-03-27 05:41
by Alex Ciepley

This little tidbit was pointed out to me in the AP Story about Barry Bonds' return to the Bay Area:

Bonds, who has had two operations on his right knee in the last two months and also had surgery on his left knee in October, flew back to San Francisco with assistant trainer Dave Groeschner.
Groeschner was the Head Trainer for the Cubs last year in his only season with the team; he was let go a bit suddenly and mysteriously at season's end.

Groeschner's firing was seemingly a matter of competence. Mark Prior and Kerry Wood, two of the Cubs' most valuable assets, missed a lot of time last year, and the endless drawn-out drama of Prior's heel injury was a lesson in poor communication between all parties involved.

But Groeschner's name alongside Bonds' in the AP story begs the question: If he's not good enough for the Cubs, then what's he doing back with one of the most respected training staffs in baseball, charged with caring for the player whose health is more important to his team than any other?

2005-03-28 07:13:45
1.   nate
Alex, I don't know if you knew this or not, but Groeschner wasn't a certified trainer, and former assistant trainer Sandy Krum sued the Cubs in December, claiming he was fired in retaliation for bringing this fact to light.

Here's a link I found:

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