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Ranking the Cubs
2005-03-29 07:23
by Alex Ciepley

Jay Jaffe has a new series up at Baseball Prospectus, The Hot List, which ranks the teams across baseball. Guess which team checks in at number 4 in the preseason listing?

4. Cubs
Projected Record: 90-72

With Sosa now a bittersweet memory, health of Prior, Wood and Zambrano is everything to this club, and everything is a bit shaky right now.

Can't disagree with that, though I think the four-spot is a bit ambitious. Tired of heightened expectations, I picked the Cubs for dead last in the NL Central in the Toaster NL Preview. It's the new prescribed treatment for my Cubbie psychosis; just think how happy I'll be when the Cubs actually finish second or third! It'll be lollipops for everyone.

2005-03-29 07:57:35
1.   Bleeding Blue
Alex, your link to the NL Preview is actually a link to the Toaster AL Preview.
2005-03-29 08:14:32
2.   Derek Smart
Thanks for the heads up. It's fixed.
2005-03-29 10:02:15
3.   Jordan
I'm surprised people are as high on the Cardinals as they seem to still be. They look as good as they were last year, minus some solid relief pitchers. Their staff was lightning in a bottle alst year, and I'd be surprised if they can do that again.

Yes, the Cards will score a lot of runs if Pujols stays healthy, but their staff has to repeat that ridiculous season. Good luck with that, we've seen how injuries and inconsistencies hurt the Cubs' staff last year.

2005-03-29 22:18:02
4.   Sandus
I thought the Cardinals overachieved last year, but for some reason everybody thinks they just "lived up to their potential."

To be brutally honest, I think both teams are ranked a bit high.

2005-03-29 22:29:56
5.   Cubdom Byron
I wouldn't have put the Cubs in the top ten. Probably #11 or #12... but there are way too many questions to have them ranked that high.

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