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Four More Years! Four More Years!
2005-04-04 12:06
by Derek Smart

Aramis Ramirez and the Cubs weren't kidding when they said they wanted to get something done on a long-term deal before Opening Day. Word is that the sides have agreed to a four year, $44M contract to keep Aramis in the fold, just hours before today's first pitch.

At first glance, this works for me, especially in the context of contracts like the ones given to Troy Glaus (4 x $45M) or Adrian Beltre (5 x $64M), with Glaus being a year older and an injury risk, and Beltre a year younger, but more of an enigma.

More when there are details available, but I say kudos all the way 'round to Hendry and company for inking Ramirez to a deal that looks like it both does right by the player, yet doesn't break the bank.

Now enough of this unseemly monetary focus. The offseason is over, my friends. The sun is shining here in Chicago - it's a perfect spring day - so grab a mitt, have a catch, and get ready for some Cubs baseball!

UPDATE: Now they're saying $42M over 4 years - even nicer. There's also a mutual option for 2009, and a vesting option for $11M in 2010 if he appears in 270 games between 2008-9. That vesting option could be a bit troublesome, depending on his performance towards the end, but it seems that the Cubs have built in a partial out with the '09 mutual option. Overall, still looking good.

2005-04-04 12:47:39
1.   The Boar
ESPN radio originally was reporting that the contract included an option for Ramirez to opt out after the 2006 season. I don't see that now, however, on either the or stories. Interesting. I certainly hope there is no option for Ramirez to leave after 2006.

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