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2005 Schedule
2004-10-26 16:27
by alex ciepley

The "tentative" schedule for the Cubs' 2005 season is up. A brief look-see gave me the impression that the Cubs have a powderpuff April, brutal June, and a mixed bag in September. There are no especially long road trips.

I personally think it'll be a great year to be a New Yorker and a Cubs fan. The Cubs visit the City for six games. Three against the Mets, as always, and a bonus 'round against the Yanks. I'm looking forward to a battle of the Alex's during that stretch.

In addition, I might check out the right-coast games against the Phils and the Washington Grays. I think the "Grays" is the one and only acceptable name for the new Washington team (well, the "Greys" would be okay, too), so I'm sticking to callin' them that.

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