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"No" on the Options
2004-10-28 20:15
by alex ciepley

As expected, the Cubs today declined the options of both Mark Grudzielanek and Moises Alou. It is possible but unlikely that either player will be back with the team next year.

I've already given my opinions on Alou's situation. He had a great 2004 season, but the Cubs will do well to let him leave the team on that high note.

Grudzielanek's solid play with the Cubs came as a surprise: he was initially slotted in to be a bench player who helped Bobby Hill develop and get comfortable in the bigs. A long oh-fer streak by Hill in spring training, along with Dusty's general impatience with young position players, gave the starting job to Grudzielanek. He responded well, and his offensive contributions in 2003 were no small part in helping the Cubs to the postseason.

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