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2004-11-11 07:32
by alex ciepley

News from here, there, and everywhere.

  • The cat's out of the bag: trading for Sammy Sosa and his big, big, big salary and payouts doesn't make much sense! Other than the Rangers, who apparently tried to dump a load of Chan Ho Park on the Cubs, it seems that all of these Sosa trades are going to end up being hocus pocusery. Green-Sosa was never on, and even Floyd-Sosa, which I could get excited about, doesn't make a whole lotta sense for either team. I change my mind on this topic as often as I change my underwear (which is at least once a day, thank you), but today my undies tell me that Sosa will again be a Cub next year.
  • Bob Brenly is going to attempt the Herculean task of filling Steve Stone's size 27 shoes. As managers go, Brenly is, ummm, interesting -- I think it is safe to say the D-backs won the 2001 Series despite his dugout manueverings rather than because of them. But in the booth I think he's fine. He will likely look a bit weak when compared to his predecessor, but I'm not crying into my pillow over this hire.
  • We all know the Tribune's out to make money, but we should hope they're not trying to get Rich. Har har har! The Daily Southtown reports the Cubs may have some interest in Aurilia, but I'm not buying it. The story smells of idle breezes and bored winds. Aurilia is represented by the same agent as Matt Clement, so I'm guessing this is a scenario cooked up by either the agent or reporter when the pair where discussing other possible Cubs moves.
  • The Cubs really have no need to spend their dough on another big time pitcher, but if they were so inclined, I think they'd be wise to investigate Daisuke Matsuzaka. A favorite of Will Carroll's, Matsuzaka throws this pitch that all the kool kids are talking about: the gyroball. I don't know what the pitch does, what it looks like, or how it's thrown, but it certainly sounds nifty enough. "And Pujols flails at the gyroball in the dirt!" I like the sound of that.

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