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Now that's what I'm talking about
2004-11-17 19:58
by alex ciepley

Check out the profile of Cubs prospect Adam Greenberg over at I especially perked up when I saw Adam assess the major league team:

"They led the league in home runs, but were near the bottom in on-base percentage (11th in the NL)," said Greenberg, who has a career OBP of .384. "Keep putting more people on base and keep hitting home runs, you do the math, you're going to score more runs. If they need a leadoff hitter, that's what I bring to the table. I have to believe that."
Greenberg got his first taste of AA last year (277/366/455) after starting the season down in Daytona (291/381/424). He's currently hitting 310/355/408 in the Arizona Fall League.

I don't think Greenberg is really considered a premium prospect in the Cubs organization, so he'll likely face an uphill battle if he wants to realize his goal of leading off at Wrigley. But you've gotta root for the little guy who understands exactly what value he can bring to his organization.

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