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1-0 Quickie
2005-04-12 06:53
by Alex Ciepley

The Cubs lost three games one to nuttin' last year. All three featured big-time pitching matchups:

I like Adam Eaton and all, but Monday's loss was a bit less glamorous a pairing. That Ryan Dempster threw so well in a loss is disheartening. I don't exactly have high hopes for him in the rotation, and wouldn't be surprised if yesterday turns out to be his best start of the season.


So Sammy Sosa says he'll retire before turning 40? The snarky jokes suggesting he's already past that age are pretty much too easy to write up.

I'm about to turn thirty in a few months. According to the Sosa Plan, this leaves me with almost exactly 10 years of work left. I'm thinking of retiring here, at my favorite beach in Thailand.


Mark Prior comes off the DL today to pitch, and his matchup is a doozy: Jake Peavy.

I don't know if I can watch the game. Not just because I'll be at work, and have foregone getting the MLB TV package that lets me follow broadcasts on my 'puter. But because I'm a freak, and my nervous energy might make me gnaw through my desk if I have to watch Prior pitch.

For those well-adjusted fans who like to watch, Will Carroll, in his Under The Knife column at Baseball Prospectus, had some nifty advice yesterday on what to look for in evaluating Prior:

Prior's riskiest inning will be the first. Watch his front shoulder and the location of his pitches. He'll also need to establish his curve quickly.

2005-04-12 09:27:50
1.   10man
Unfortunately, the weather might not cooperate today (70% chance of rain) and I'm pretty sure Prior won't like any postponement to occur. Let's hope for the best.
2005-04-12 12:12:57
2.   Alex Ciepley
...and it's a rainout. at least I'll be able to chill the rest of the day and not be nervously freaked at my PC
2005-04-12 13:27:31
3.   Zoompet
Given that rain was predicted for today I am surprised that Prior was not given another start in the minors. It would keep him on a normal rest cycle and give him a chance to have some success before facing major league hitters. It looks like Prior does not need that kind of ego boost (good for him), and if he is ready he is ready I guess.
2005-04-13 07:30:28
4.   Mike Jansen
Poor Matt Clement. That he was on the losing end of 2 1-0 duels makes me hope even more that he finds some run support in Boston.

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