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Womack or Walker?
2004-11-24 08:28
by alex ciepley

ESPN Rumor Central now thinks that Todd Walker is the most likely second base choice for the Cubs. I think Walker is great. He doesn't give me that high that, say, Jose Vidro, does, but I'd enjoy seeing Walker's leftward-leaning offense for a full season's worth of at bats. But no, not that high that Jose Vidro offers... Jose... Vidro... Jose... Vidro...

Snapping out of my Vidro fantasies, I find some pleasure in another line in that Rumor Central piece: "Contrary to reports, the Cubs aren't close to signing free agent Tony Womack to play second base."

The Womack Mantra:

.319 Lifetime OBP, Not Good Enough For Me
.319 Lifetime OBP, Not Good Enough For Me
Look Only at Last Year, You'll Get Burned
.319 Lifetime OBP, Not Good Enough For Me

[update: 6:40pm ET] I've decided my mantra, while accurate, is aesthetically displeasing. dc60164's limerick from the comments is much better:

there once was a womack named tony
whose stat line in '04 was phony
if fans of this club
want to hire this schlubb
i would tell them "you're full of baloney"
(By the way, as an aside, every time I look at dc's name in in the comments, I always irrationally think of him as living in Washington, D.C. This despite the next six digits in his moniker, which is clearly a Chicago-ish zip code. I am an easily confused man.)

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