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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Lib
2004-11-29 11:33
by Derek Smart

If you are, like me, of a *ahem* certain age, you're almost surely familiar with that old road-trip pastime, the Mad Lib. For those unfamiliar, here's how it goes: you are given a list of particular types of words (nouns, verbs, etc), and you must fill them in with whatever comes to mind. Having done that, those words are then plugged into pre-determined spots in a block of text which you had no knowledge of beforehand. This is then shared with others, hilarity ensuing. Here's an example:

    I ask for a noun, and you say, "mattress".

    The sentence I was looking at read like this: Please drive the (noun) to town.

    You have now inadvertently made the sentence, "Please drive the mattress to town".

    See! Hilarity!

Since this offseason is becoming one long, boring road-trip to WallyWorld, without the added benefit/detriment of Chevy Chase doing the driving, what I'm proposing is that we do our own Mad Lib to get us through this winter darkness. Below is a list of words for you to fill in.

*Important! Do this before making the jump, or the hilarity will be less hilarious!*

Once you've done that, plug your chosen words into the text after the jump, then post your text in the comments for all to see! Like I said: Hi-lar-i-ous!

Enough, then. Here are your words:

Past Tense Verb
Plural Noun
Past Tense Verb

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In a move that seems likely to (verb) the 2005 Chicago Cubs, Sammy Sosa was (past tense verb) today for (noun). While Sosa's (noun) was initially an (noun), the Cubs and (plural noun) were able to (verb) each other and reach an agreement. In other news, Neifi Perez (past tense verb) himself.

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