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Steroids Stories Slam Sammy's Stock?
2004-12-03 07:26
by alex ciepley

Just like I don't like discussing Pete Rose and his various gambling foibles, I find steroids stories to be a big turnoff. Like, a Michael Moore Nudie Video-type turnoff.

That said, it's clearly a big topic for conversation, so feel free to use this entry as a forum for your thoughts on the recent Bonds and Giambi stories. Just keep the conversation civil, will ya?

There is a Cubs side to the story as well: Newsday suggests that the revelations about Giambi -- and the fact that he, like Sosa, has seen a sharp decline in his production -- have dampened the Mets' enthusiasm for Sammy:

The parallels between Giambi and Sosa are impossible to ignore, and those similarities are giving the Mets second thoughts about falling into the same trap as the Yankees. One baseball official with knowledge of the discussions described Giambi's statement to federal prosecutors as "a wake-up call" that has put a serious scare into the Mets about acquiring Sosa.
With the trade rumors having already quieted down some, is this the final straw?

UPDATE: - 3pm EST - The crew chimes in with a fast and furious roundtable on the home page.

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