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A Cards-to-Cubs Defection
2004-12-06 18:09
by alex ciepley

The Cubs have hired former Cardinals Assistant Trainer Mark O'Neal to be the team's Head Trainer. He takes over for Dave Groeschner, who was only with the Cubs for one year. Groeschner was rumored to have had a falling out with the medical staff.

As far as O'Neal goes, I asked fellow A-Ber (and Baseball Prospectus injury guru) Will Carroll for the scoop:

O'Neal's had a good reputation in St. Louis where he was the Assistant Trainer for the last six years. Like all trainers he's worked his way up, and I find myself saying many of the same things as I did last year when the Cubs brought in another highly thought of young assistant to take his first head position. I hope this one is more successful all around.

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