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Winter Meetings
2004-12-09 14:19
by alex ciepley

Iím going to see the folks I dig

Iíll even kiss a sunset pig

California Iím coming home

             - Joni Mitchell

I'm joining a few writers, among others, in Anaheim this weekend to attend baseball's Winter Meetings. I'll be at the Meetings from tomorrow afternoon through Monday morning, followed by a couple-day visit with some friends in L.A.

I hope to continue to blog through the weekend, but I don't yet know exactly how the events are going to go, nor what access I'm going to have to the Internet while I'm there.

Regardless, I imagine the trip will be interesting, and I'm looking forward to meeting several people in the flesh with whom I've only had an online relationship to this point.

I'm curious, though, what the readers of TCR would like to find out at the Meetings. Who would you seek out, and why? And if, say, you had five minutes with Jim Hendry, what would you ask him?

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