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Ex-Cub Update #2
2004-12-19 21:39
by alex ciepley

Where do second basemen go to die?

Tampa Bay seems like a reasonable destination, and that's where ex-Cub Mark Grudzielanek might be headed. Or maybe Grudz is just the apple of reporter Marc Topkin's eye. Topkin writes in the St. Petersburgh Times:

Among free agents in their price range, second baseman Mark Grudzielanek could be a good fit in terms of providing offense and defense. He hit better than .300 three of the past six seasons, led the majors in 2004 with a .457 average in close/late situations and has the second-best fielding average at second base from 2001-04.
Those are some heady qualifications! A couple good batting averages! A great average in a random selection of 46 at-bats in one year! Not a ton of errors, range be damned!

Maybe this is just a Phil Rogersesque foray into idle speculation by a D-Ray writer, or maybe this is the type of logic that Tampa Bay actually employs. If so, maybe Jim Hendry can kindly point out to the D-Rays that Aubrey Huff was 0-for-the-bases loaded last year, (0-10! He's horrible!) while offering up Jose Macias and his .333 AVG with the bases full (1 for 3! He's great!) as a "more-than-adequate" replacement.

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