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The Other Patterson
2005-04-20 08:50
by Alex Ciepley

While Corey plays Spidey in the bigs, his little brother Eric, who is with the Lansing Lugnuts Peoria Chiefs in Low A, has been pulling his own superhero stunts.

43 11 2 9 10 2 .465 .589 .674
Eric came to the Cubs with a bit of a rep: that he shared some of the same frustrating characteristics as his brother. Baseball America, in Monday's profile of Little Patterson, had this to say:

Many scouts who saw [Eric] Patterson at Georgia Tech were frustrated at his desire to try to power the ball and wanted him to focus more on being a leadoff man who can take advantage of his plus speed.

In the early going, at least, Eric's dropped the Corey act, opting to play out the Tim Raines routine instead. 11 walks and 2 HBP in 56 trips to the plate. A .589 On-Base Percentage. The sample size is tiny, but I can't imagine that big bro Corey--at any point in his professional career--displayed such a knack for getting on base. Is Eric's initial display of patience just a fluke, or is he displaying skills that will stay with him throughout the season and beyond?

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