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Wish He Were an Ex-Cub
2004-12-20 19:06
by alex ciepley

Yippee. The Cubs have signed Jose Macias for another year. Apparently Hendry thought non-tendering Macias for being his usual sucky self would be too harsh in this, the Christmas season. So lucky Cubbie fans get an early lump of coal in their stockings.

"He's a quality team player with a lot of versatility that can help a team in many ways," said Cubs general manager Jim Hendry. "I'm sure he'll be a good compliment to Neifi Perez as an extra infielder."
Yes, Mr. Hendry, Macias will likely be "complimented" often when compared to Neifi!, since Neifi! is the only player on the roster worse than your man Jose.

He is not, however, a very good "complement" to Neifi!, unless you are in fact trying to conceive the worst bench possible for your team. Macias, Blanco, and Neifi! -- stick that in Santa's pipe and smoke it.

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