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Back From Florida
2004-12-28 12:45
by alex ciepley

I'm back in NYC after vacationing in Florida for the first time since I was about one and a half years old. The weather was pretty good, though only one day was sunny enough to go to the beach. Not that it matters. I'm a New Yorker's shade of pasty white, so the sun isn't necessarily my friend.

The seafood was good in the places I ate, though not nearly as tasty as the shellfish in Maine. I went shelling at some famous shelling place or another, but the trip was a bust since the tide was high the entire time I was digging around at the beach. Other than that... lots of time spent with the family, lots of food eaten. Given the amount I ingested the past few days, I think it's probably time to hit the gym a bit extra hard. I imagine I share that sentiment with a lot of Americans.

Oh, and speaking of eating too much, I really don't know what Derek's talking about when he says he came across Gabe Kapler in my innards. Really, I don't. Honestly.

I'm out of the loop entirely on the baseball front. I had almost zero Internet capability while I was gone, and the papers only had a note here and there about the game. The Dodgers-D'Backs-Yanks trade fell through, though maybe Arizona and New York can rekindle the talks. The Cubs still aren't up to much, and I'm starting to think that even if they do dump Sosa it won't mean they'll be able to pursue a Beltran or a Magglio. If that's the case, does it really even make sense to worry about getting rid of Sosa this year?

More baseball soon. And continued happy holidays to everyone.

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