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The Case for Bert Blyleven
2004-12-29 08:17
by alex ciepley

Cubs fans can relate to the frustration of not seeing a favorite and deserving player make the Hall of Fame. For me, there are three Cubbies who should be shoo-ins for the Hall but are still on the outside looking in: Ryne Sandberg, Ron Santo, and Goose Gossage. Good cases can be made for Andre Dawson, Lee Smith, and Bruce Sutter, too.

Rich over at Rich's BEAT feels the same way about Bert Blyleven that many Cubs fans may feel about Sandberg. How can Bert not be in the Hall already? Rich gave the low down on Blyleven last year, and he's adding to the evidence this year. Check out his follow-up which counters some common anti-Blyleven arguments, his interview with a sportswriter who is adding Blyleven to his ballot in part because of Rich's research, and--perhaps most interesting--an article resulting from several phone calls with Blyleven himself. Grassroots campaiging at work!

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