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2005-01-11 14:46
by alex ciepley

Now how 'bout that. Here we are, biting our nails, looking under rock and stone for a left fielder. And the solution to all these problems, Jim Hendry tells us, might be right under our nose (or is that, "nois").

"What else do you have to do in the minor leagues or winter ball to get a chance? Sometimes we assume there is going to be a marquee name player available in every spot. The best alternative isn't always buying this guy or getting that guy.

"Dubois hit 31 home runs last year in Iowa, and that included being up here (in the majors) for 28 games. If he would have stayed in Iowa, he would have been a 40-plus guy. It might be his time to introduce himself to the big leagues."

I nois I'd like to see Dubois dig his tois into the batter's box more often next year. Hendry doesn't seem averse to the idea, at least. But what will Dusty Baker do when faced with Dubois' impressive minor league track record and ol' reliables Hollandsworth and Macias?

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