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When Cubs Blogs Ruled the Earth
2005-01-13 10:19
by alex ciepley

Seriously, man, Cubs blogs have taken over at least half the Midwest, all of Canada, and parts of Greenland and Iceland, too.

Long overdue, I've finally updated a few of the links in the Cubs Blog Army section over on the right-hand side. Drop a line if you've been inadvertently left off the list; all ya gotta do is update your site regularly, and we'll stick up a link.

The Army's gotten so large it needed to get all Meta on our asses, resulting in the creation of the highly-useful Cubs Blog Army site. Kudos to Byron for getting that put together.

Some of the newer additions to the Army include:

Baseball Diamond News
The Cub Ramble
A Fistful of Hugh's
Holy Cow Baseball Blog
Stuck Inside Columbus with the Wrigley Blues Again (say it 3 times fast)
TrueBlue 2005
Wrigley Rantings

Check 'em out, show some love, spread the good news: Cubbie blogs are bountiful.

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