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Cody Ransom
2005-01-14 08:59
by alex ciepley

Ex-Giant Cody Ransom reportedly will be announced as a minor-league signee on Monday, along with a few other chaps. Ransom plays shortstop and a few other positions, none particularly well. He doesn't hit a lick, either. Not much to say, other than, "nice name".

From what I can tell, there have been three "Cody"s in MLB history. I guess "Cody" is a pretty recent name, as all three players are from the past couple years:

Cody Ransom
Cody McKay
Cody Ross

The Cardinals have a young outfielder named Cody Haerther in their minor league system.

There has been one other Ransom in baseball history, Jeff.

Players whose names vaguely remind one of moulah:

Cody Ransom
Mike Loan
Don Money
Ernie Banks
Shawn Green
Buck Leonard
Jim Dougherty
Kevin Cash
Hal Goldsmith
Rich Gossage
Herb Worth

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