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My New Personal Hero
2005-04-27 17:24
by Derek Smart

Derrek Lee is my new personal hero.

Flowers shall be delivered to his locker daily, and chocolates placed on his pillow at night.

He shall be fed grapes while lounging on satin cushions, and his bejeweled goblet shall ever be full.

Robes of silk and slippers of gold shall adorn him, while musicians serenade him with silver lyres.

Virgins shall tend his every need, and eunuchs shall guard his private sanctuary.

He has come.

He is glorious.

He is a Cub.

Derrek Lee is my new personal hero.

And Corey's pretty cool, too.

2005-04-27 18:23:00
1.   84 Cubs
A line-up with Perez, Blanco, Macias, Hairston, and Lee is starting to look pretty fearsome! I can't wait until he has his usual mid-summer surge - then he'll go 4-5 with 3 bombs and 10 RBI.
2005-04-27 18:36:54
2.   Wrigleyviller
"A line-up with Perez, Blanco, Macias, Hairston, and Lee is starting to look pretty fearsome!"

Yeah, pretty soon we're going to have to let Darren Baker play. You know, just to be fair to the other team.

2005-04-27 23:40:43
3.   aqc
Corey is wonderful--only a matter of time before he's knocking on the 40-40 door. Also a big day because Corey hit his first double (about time). I think we were all resigned to another loss to a bad team before Derrek said, "No." Let's hope he's still hot heading into Houston against the hated Astros.
2005-04-28 06:24:54
4.   ChemSteve
Not hearing too much flak for Hendry's Lee-for-Choi trade lately, are we? :)
2005-04-28 08:42:18
5.   Baby Maddux
It's got to be nice when you're leading the majors in:

Batting Average (Neifi!! is third in the NL???)
Home Runs
Total Bases

And in the top 10 in steals, doubles, OBP (behind the resurgent Chipper), ISO, Secondary Average

And you haven't made an error yet.

2005-04-28 08:46:03
6.   chicagoburke
In the same way the southsiders get overshadowed by being the #2 team in town, D-Lee gets overshadowded by being the #2 (in some peoples eyes) 1st basemen in the Central....but I think he's a keeper!

But WHY GOD didn't DB pinch hit Ramirez for Macias in the 7th...aaaaggggghhhhh.

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