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Roster Update
2005-04-28 11:39
by Alex Ciepley

I've been a bad boy, neglecting to update the Cubs roster, found at the bottom in the column on the right-hand side of this page.

The 25-man and 40-man rosters should both be in the now, with the major changes including:

  • Carlos Vasquez, the minor league lefty who was suspended for steroid use earlier this spring, is off the 40-man. Taking his place is walk-my-way Ben Grieve, in his second tour of Dusty duty on the Cubs bench.
  • Robert Novoa and Will Ohman are up, walk-your-way Leicester is down, and poor Chad Fox is out. We'll see if Novoa or Ohman can display better control than the pair they're replacing.
I've also updated the "BA" (for Baseball America) links in the "Lil' Cubs" section, taking you directly to those minor leaguers' current stat pages (if they're currently playing).

2005-04-28 15:39:19
1.   TFD
Willy Lohman is up?

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